About the Rally

All Women Power Rally (Limca Book of Records holder) formerly known as All Women Bike Rally, has been spearheading the spirit of womanhood. This year we are bringing the 8th edition of the rally under the theme - Mujhme Hai Shakti.

From being the true strength at home for our forces on the border to being a relentless force fighting against the ills of our patriarchal society, the women of this nation are fighting divisive forces on both internal and external fronts.

Throughout life, women play multiple roles of a mother, daughter, sister or a wife with quiet strength, giving a sense of direction and cohesiveness to society. It is commendable that they have not let any of these roles overshadow their individuality and are not afraid to speak their minds anymore or carve out their own paths in this journey of life.

All Women Power Rally 2020 salutes their indomitable spirit & strength with the theme - Mujhme Hai Shakti. So gear up for 8th March 2020 & come in full strength to be a part of this historical event.

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